Saturday, June 4, 2011

Thimbleberries Churn Dash Quilt

It's been AGES since I dipped into my Thimbleberries stash and even longer since I did one of the kits that I get monthly so when I was going to Indiana in May for retreat I pulled out a recent kit called "Churn Dash Delight" because of all the traditional blocks out there, the Churn Dash is my favorite. I got the kit cut out and 6 of the 12 churnies assembled the last day of retreat but that's as far as I went with it. The other day I decided to make my "BIG 3" project list for June and put this project at the top of the list....mainly because it's going to be a birthday present. The picture quality isn't the best because I took this with my cell phone because I can't find the hardware for my camera to load it on the new computer :(

The colors are not really "me" but hopefully the person they are for will like them. These are all medium and light greens with a BIG yellow and green print for the border and blocks.....

Now to get this quilted.

PS: It finishes up to 76 X 90 so it should be a nice wrap me up on a cool evening type of quilt!

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Cardygirl said...

Churn Dash is always a great block!