Sunday, January 13, 2013

Blogging on Sunday

I'm just jumping on here trying to get the hang of how "Blogger" now has things set up.

I'm used to uploading pictures from my computer to posts but apparently now I can't, I have to upload them to Google+ or something....I WILL figure it all out but in the meantime I will have to only post pictures when I can spend the time doing the figuring out  :)

I'm here though...doing our wedding planning, sewing, working and cooking...  Here's a recent picture so you don't forget about me  :)


WHAT?  You like that wall hanging behind me?  Isn't it the cutest?  I got that for my birthday last month from my BFF Michelle....  I LOVE it too!!!   And I'm thinking hubby thought it was great because within minutes of opening her package he was at HD getting me a nice rod to hang it....Thanks Michelle, and thanks Al  :)   I'll keep  ya!


Robin said...

we're always glad to see your smiling face Peg :)

Peggy said...

If you download Google Chrome it is another browser and you can upload pictures to your blog. I finally realized that it is the only way to continue using blogspot for a blog.