Saturday, November 23, 2013

Saturday Update

     I've come to my blog more times than I can count since Veterans Day thinking I would update it and then laziness just set in realizing that before I can update it I have to take some pictures of finished projects and then think of something witty to I shut down and just do other things.
Today though, I wanted to check out some sidebar favorites and decided that the blog looked tired so I took a few pictures.....not enough to do a huge post but enough to start today with a little story.

     So, last time we talked I was working on my Round & Round blocks.  I'd gotten them to the point where I had 6 of the 9 rows connected to make up each block.  YES, each block is 9 rows!!!
I then set them aside to prep some wool/fabric snowman blocks but then mid week I decided to get back to these round and round blocks.  Here's what I got done
 The last long row of 2 blocks is ready to attach to these 2 units and since it doesn't call for any time of border it will be done and ready for quilting.  There's a group of girls on Instagram that share their pictures and I love each and every one.  I can't say for sure but I think I'm the only one that only used 1 color.  Most of the girls used a variety, which made for a gorgeous quilt...I just wanted a red and white top at the time so that's what I did.

There's also another Instagram/Internet program that's going to be starting up that I KNOW a lot of girls are going to start following and working on.....It's in the new American Patchwork & Quilting magazine that will be on newsstands next week I think, and supposedly in our mailboxes this week.....    If you check out Camille Roskelley's blog you'll see what the whole deal is about, but this is what the quilt will look like
I've checked it out and it's very scrappy.....I'm thinking it will be a new years project for me  :)

I also finished my 3rd "SWOON" block on Thursday. 
These are biggies so I'm doing 1 a month till I decide I have enough.  Right now I have 9 cut out to assemble.  I think I might need 12 since I am not really a fan of square quilts but time will tell......
And yes, if you're thinking I'm a Camille Roskelly fan, you'd be correct.  All 3 of the projects I wrote about today are hers or something she inspired.......





Terry said...

Everything looks wonderful! I love your round and round blocks, and the swoon blocks too. :0)

Cardygirl said...

Absolutely gorgeous projects!