Thursday, November 7, 2013

Thursday Things

     Well, it's no school for me today  :)    Teacher's convention here in New Jersey so we are off today and tomorrow, which affords me 2 extra days for sleeping in, sewing etc.    I LOVE IT!
We did not have the convention last year due to Hurricane Sandy so I am thankful for no hurricane but 2 days off!

     I absolutely love this time of year regardless of the icky, rain we have here today.  I love the change of seasons because I love all the colorful leaves etc. that you get to see here on the east coast.
I've often thought that I could do without the change of seasons but I am convinced I need them.

     This has not been the most productive week in the sewing room but I can say, one project, my "Jamestown Landing" quilt, that's been like an OLD friend, has finally been completed and I found the perfect backing fabric for it in my stash!  AND, it's an extra wide backing so there was very little I had to do to prepare it to send for quilting.
I love when the planets align like that.
Now, to contact the quilter and see when I can send it to her.

        Here's the quilt folded with the backing on top.  I think it will look perfect quilted in a tan thread and bound in a blue!

     I've started a new project too this week.  It's  called "Round & Round". 
I did 1 block on Sunday so today I'm going to spend some time and get the remaining half square triangles made for the other 6 blocks.  I'll show some pictures after I make a little progress.


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