Tuesday, January 7, 2014

2013-2014 Designer Mystery BOM

Yes, it's that time again.......Designer Mystery BOM time.  I got the Block #7 right before Christmas but with all the comings and goings I just didn't get to it but today was that day.  Block # 7 is called "Lemon Lodge" and the designer is Lisa Bonegan of Primitive Gatherings Quilt Shop!


Once again I have to give Fat Quarter Shop Kudos for the amount of fabric they send every month.  When I did this 2012-2013 BOM with them I had enough fabric left over to make an entire quilt!

     Here is a picture of the 7 blocks I have finished to date
Each designer did a great job designing a fun and interesting block.  I love them all.....Of course I'm partial to that top center star because I'm a huge "star" fan but I do love each and every block!!!

I do have the finishing kit already too so I'm thinking I'll cut that out next week.
I did that last year so when I got to the last block, all I had to do was add the block and I was done.....it was so much easier than assembling everything at the end.



moosecraft said...

These look awesome! Sure wish I had signed on for it...

Barbara said...

Wow! They don't look easy! Beautiful.