Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Row by Rows

Do you remember those Row by Rows?  I clearly remember joining more than one of those back in the day.  So, earlier this morning while looking thru a cabinet for a pattern I came across a bag with one row by row and 2-3 round robins.  I have in the past thrown away a round robin or two that came back and I just didn't like and didn't think I'd ever use but this row by row has always been a keeper and one I think I want to finish!

I sent a small journal along with mine with some ideas on what I wanted, and if memory serves me correctly, so did the other girls.  I'm sure if I look hard enough I will have some pictures somewhere of the other girls' projects, but that's a hunt for another day  :)

Here's a picture of the rows laid out this morning on my kitchen floor....
My starter row is the jumping rabbit with the carrots and flowers.  My background is 4 rectangles of different neutrals and I did a fair to midlin job of appliquéing them since I think it was my first ever appliqué project.
I did attach some pictures from the internet with ideas for the girls and the date on them is 3/5/2005!

I love how the girls added their own touches to their blocks and even sent some little stories about why they chose what they did for their rows.

I LOVE the top row!  It's wavy geese with a sun coming up!  I'm not sure who "Dawn in IL" is anymore since I didn't keep the addresses but she did a great job didn't she?

The birdhouse and flowers was made by Sandi Bischoff of New Windsor, NY....Her appliqué is wonderful and her note about the bees and flowers was so much fun to read.

The beehive with the bird nest and flowers was Sandi's inspiration for the bees, and that row was assembled by Karen Mercado of Albany, NY.

The two bottoms rows were made by a girl named Yavonne and Betty in PA but I don't have their stories....somewhere along the line they went missing but that doesn't mean I won't come across them one day.

I brought the rows with me upstairs to my sewing room and I'm thinking that they might go on my 2014 list of things to assemble.....

I have a quilt rack in my laundry room that has a bright house quilt on it right now but it might be time for a change, and this would fit perfectly!

Does anyone out there know any of these girls or remember doing a row by row like this?  I'm thinking I might have done this thru one of the early Pat Sloan groups.

I love coming across "oldies but not so moldy's".....



Conni said...

Oh, Peggy! LOVE!!! These are adorable, and should definitely be put on the 2014 list. These are so happy and cheerful.

Barbara said...

Don't you just love these round robin type projects? So much input and personality in them. It's adorable!