Sunday, January 12, 2014

Once Upon A Quilt

Hi girls..... Well, I'm in Florida "mainly" to see the Billy Joel Concert at the BB&T Hall but we came in a little early to enjoy some warm weather. The first day here hubby and I took a short trip to Naples, Florida to see my mom who'd gotten home from the hospital the day earlier from a scare. She thought she had a heart attack and when an 86 year old with heart issues has burning pain in her back and shoulder you admit her to the hospital. I'm happy to report that it was Acid Reflux that just mimicked a heart episode....whew! Then on Friday hubby had promised a trip to a quilt shop or two :) My #1 choice was "Once Upon A Quilt". I was a little nervous when I got there and had to be buzzed into the shop but I figure one can NEVER be too careful when it comes to protecting our quilting fabric now can we? LOL The gals in the shop gave me space to wander, take pictures and just take my time and look around.
I spent at least 30 minutes or more at the first 2 tables in the shop!!! The way the shop was laid out was just so cute! She has samples on the walls with kits and patterns right below everything. She had kits in paint cans, candy dishes and cartons! I was in "cute heaven". I did make a few purchases....but for now I will have to hold off posting a picture since 1 or 2 items are for a BFF :) After that we made a short trip to another shop, who's name I will withhold because it was just not eye appealing, the owner hovered over me the whole time I was there, and frankly, I have seen the fabric they have, and use it like 5-6 years ago. NOTHING new in the shop at all. It was not laid out in any kind of eye appealing manner and I'm just not sure I'd like to bash it....I'll just say, I wouldn't go back or recommend it to anyone. After lunch we drove to the Palm Beach World Quilt Show! The vendors were awesome and the quilts on display were wonderful too! The quilts came from all over the world. Here's a picture of both hubby's and mine favorites
We are heading back to NJ at o'dark thirty (4:30) Monday morning and will be home around noon. I'm missing sewing, my kids and my dog! Yes, I said it, I miss the dog!!! Hope you all have had a nice couple of days and I'm looking forward to getting back to my normal routine....  Peggy

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