Saturday, August 9, 2014

Modern Instabee 2014

I've been doing a "Bee" with some girls on Instagram which has been interesting......
It's the first time I've been involved in this type of Bee and I thought it would be fun and interesting :)  We are working from the book "Modern Bee-13 Quilts to Make With Friends".
I love most of the blocks in the book and I kind of hoped that everyone would pick a different block.  So far in the 7 months, we've done 1 blocks twice, 1 block 3 times and 2separate blocks.

I assembled the 9 blocks I received from the girls and then made up 3 to make up for the blocks that a couple girls didn't follow thru with.   As with any swap or bee, there is always one or two that sign up that don't do their share and the rest have to pick up behind them.....I tell myself every time something like this happens that I won't sign up again but then I see something fun and I just "have to".
I can't say that this "Bee" has been a total wash out though.  I met Sarah who has become a friend and also an awesome quilter.  
I thought I had pictures of the first 2 blocks but I can't locate them....i'm thinking they were on my phone before it went in the toilet :)  (long boring story)

Hope everyone is having a nice weekend....

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