Friday, August 29, 2014

Magazine Clean Out

     What do you do with your quilting magazines after you've gone thru them?    In the past I kept them on a book shelf by magazine.  I had all the Quick Quilts together, BH&G, Fons & Porter etc.....

     A couple of months ago I realized that there was no more room for another magazine and my room would start looking like one of those hoarders shows so I started to go thru each one and as I found a pattern I liked, I'd rip it out and put it in a plastic sleeve.

     One of those patterns happened to be from the October/November 2010 Mc Call's Quick Quilts magazine and it was called "Saddle Tramp" by Marcie Patch.  I've had the pattern on my bulletin board ever since because I've been trying to do a decent job on PURGING some fabric.

All you have to do is look at this picture and realize that you can really do a decent job of using up some fabrics.  Marcie actually calls it "A Stash Busting Rodeo".

I was thinking yesterday that I'm going to do this project over the month of September.  I can do the 26 blocks a few at a time and with the leftover fabric, I can cut the strips.  The hard part of the whole thing was picking a fabric!  After much looking around, I decided that I am going to do mine with red and blue 30's fabrics with a kona snow as the background for the stars.  

This is block #1.  I have 3 more cut out and will work on them this weekend.   I know Marcie's project is mostly in the rust, brown, tan color way, I really want to clear out my 30's bin so that's what I'm going to use.  I think it's going to look very pretty and seriously, who doesn't like a 30's quilt?

Happy Labor Day Weekend.



JoAnne said...

Marcie is a friend of mine! She has really great patterns--I have this same one waiting for me at some point.

Conni said...

I did the same thing a while back with my magazines. I pulled out the ones I thought I would make, put them in plastic sleeves and into a notebook. Can't wait to see this quilt in 30's!

Shasta Matova said...

I've been going through old magazines too - I have a hard time purging the quilt magazines since there are so many quilts I want to make! This looks like a terrific project - and it will look lovely in 30s fabrics.

The Other Barb said...

Happy sewing. Looks like a neat pattern. When the Quilted Treasures store in Atco was open, she had a table where you could bring in your old magazines & take ones too.No limit. No obligation to return them . It was great~