Friday, August 1, 2014

August Big 3

Yes, I'm still doing a Big 3 list with friends....  This keeps me focused and on track for the beginning of the month and then I can just pick random projects later on.

1) Assemble the hst border for the Primitive Gatherings 10th Anniversary Stitch Along
2) Assemble all the little blocks for the Pam Buda sew along from earlier in the summer
3) Assemble/quilt/bind the purple star quilt.

I've got the quilt done (previous post)

And I'm working on the 10th Anniversary Stitch Along

I should be able to get this finished today....  Those hst's are only 1 inch finished!  I used Thangles to make them or else they'd be all wonky!

1 comment:

Robin said...

those thangles make short work of teeny HSTs, don't they! great job on getting that border done and crossing one off of the Big 3!