Tuesday, August 12, 2014

New Project Fabric Pull

I know the "Great Granny Quilt" obsession has left the station, and yes, I did make one a year or two ago when they were all the rage, but having recently purchased Lori Holt's book, I want to make another one for ME!

I've ordered a few pieces of Lori's own fabric line here and there and every time I look at the bin with the fabric and book I just want to start cutting.....but I knew other quilts needed to be done first.
Last night I decided that it was time.  I pressed most of the fat quarters and then finished the rest today.  I'm going to start the cutting process now.   Stay tuned!

Oh, but before you go, here's a picture of the scrappy Great Granny quilt I made previously.


JoAnne said...

What a fun project. You know, Lori puts some Denise Schmit fabrics into her stash, so you could always mix some of them into your collection, too.

Karen said...

I still love this pattern.

Sinta Renee said...

I had one but seeing yours makes me want to whip up another!

Denise Marie said...