Sunday, January 1, 2012

"Purple Coins Quilt"

Once the house was in order and lunch was done today I decided it was sewing time. I came into my sewing room and did a little work trimming down some HST's for my Jamestown quilt but then I got a little bored so I decided it was a good time to start pulling some "coins" out and get a charity top assembled for a retreat I go to every May.

The coins went together super fast and I had the "perfect" purple marbelized fabric for the separator strips so as fate would have it I got the top assembled, the backing fabric pieced and voile! it's ready for quilting.

This isn't a big quilt, it finished up to be 37 x 44 but I still have lots of time to make another top to bring along with this one.... So, I get to add my first "finished project" to my blog list and I get to cross off my first project on my "Big 3 List" that I do every month with 2 of my BFF's.....

Isn't this Laurel Burch flannel perfect???

PS: That's Pierre the Sock Monkey up there inspecting the quilt....unlike a lot of quilters, I don't have a kitty inspector. I relied on Pierre today to make sure the quilt was sufficiently cute for some little girl :)

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Conni said...

Cute, Peggy. I've been thinking about my charity quilt for retreat, too. I have the fabric, just need to decide on a pattern.