Saturday, January 14, 2012

Where did this week go?

I don't know where this week went but I certainly was not in my sewing room!

I guess my daughter getting her puppy on Tuesday and then waking up in the middle of the night with a stomach bug that had her incapacitated for 2 days really put a crimp in my sewing time. With being home for the weekend and then again Monday for the holiday, I'm hoping to dedicate myself to a little bit of sewing.

To start today off I'm going to piece the back of this quilt. In my stash I found the cutest yellow flannel fabric. It has these fluffy whimsical clowns on it....LOVE IT! The selvage is still on it too and it's a Marcus Brothers and the designer is Dana Simson....and get this. The selvage has a printing date of 2002 on it!! Does anyone out there have any of her fabric?

I looked online and could not come up with anything so I'm guessing she didn't do a lot of fabric designing! Anyhoo, it's long enough for the longarm machine but not wide enough so I grabbed a bunch of coins and I'm going to cut the backing a little off center, pop the coins in and then attach the side. I think the backing with this little quilt will make some little one smile :)

If anyone out there reading this has any of Dana's fabric, I'd be willing to swap you something for it!!!

How's your Saturday? It's cold but sunny here in NJ!


Cardygirl said...

Cute little the backing too!

Conni said...

Cute clown fabric! You are just whipping these quilt tops out. Way to go!