Wednesday, December 26, 2012


A few BFF's and I have decided that with the new year coming that we need to finish up some old UFO's.
Of course, if you go back to my December posts of previous years you'll see that I pretty much do this every year but I don't always manage to accomplish the goal  :)      HOWEVER, this year the word "Obscene" has cropped up in my conversations not only with my friends but in my know those conversations "WOW, this has been sitting here since when?  2007?  Oh my....and you have how much red fabric?  WHAT? it fills a 10 gallon rubbermaid bin?  OH lordy!"  You know those kinds of conversations!
So, hence comes the 2013 UFO challenge to myself!

I pulled out the 2 bins of projects, pulled the 20 or so projects and put 9 on the list.  I had to be realistic and not pull out 1 for each month....I have a wedding shower to plan, my daughter's wedding on April 27th, hopefully a small vacation with hubby,  I have monthly BOM's and "want to do" projects (not only UFO's), and oh yeah, I have a full time job, kids to feed, laundry to do and sleep.  I know, I know, sleep is over rated but I seem to need a few hours each night  :)

Here's a UFO I found in the bin that is actually FINISHED as far as I'm concerned. It's a round robin that I did I swear in 2007-2008.  How bad is that that I can't even remember when I did it and I don't have any notes or emails of who or when I worked on it.
It measures 42-1/2 X 59 and I think it's a perfect size for a little girl and I don't think it needs a single thing added to it...NOTHING!!!  So, today I will go thru my backings and find something that will be nice with it and put it aside ready for quilting......

I'll be posting my UFO list on my sidebar and marking when each one gets done.  The list is in no particular order but I can tell you that # 1 will be my "Snow Days" project.  I've been talking about finishing it for weeks or has it been months?  WHATEVER...It's getting done 1st!  I will show pictures of the projects before and when it becomes a finished UFO....I'm keeping it real and keeping myself accountable!!!

I'll take a picture of my SNOW DAYS after I get my design wall cleaned off.  I'm working on a quilt right now that will be for the "2013 Autism Week" in school.  I donate one quilt a year in school that our multiply handicapped children walk around and sell tickets for one lucky recipient.  This year I bought the cute Autism fabric and I'm in the process of assembling the blocks for that.....Show and tell on that in a day or two.



Patchwork Penguin said...

Nothing like the feeling of getting a UFO finished. Can't wait to see some more this coming year!

The Other Barb said...

When I look at your "finishes" of 2012, I'm impressed~ I wouldn't worry too much abt the UFO's. Slow &'ll get them done~

The Other Barb said...
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Robin said...

Good job on setting your sewing priorities for 2013! Im going to do the same I think!