Friday, December 7, 2012

Easy Street Part 3

No, I'm not done yet  :)  

I did see the instructions mighty early this morning but couldn't start cutting until I got home from work this afteroon.  I don't know about the rest of you doing this mystery, but I for one LOVE the colors Bonnie chose.  I can't wait to cut into my green's.

Here's all my parts cut out ............................

I also decided that before I went too far that I needed to make 1 block to be sure I got the size correct. 
Bonnie calls for an "Easy Angle" ruler but not being one to buy rulers other than your usual straight ones, I just cut mine the old fashioned way.  I like to know I have the right size before I go and make all 64!

Here's 1 made up...
Dontcha love it??????????????

Off to make the others now.....


1 comment:

Conni said...

Ha! I was just over here looking to see if you had finished this step yet! I figured you were online at 12:01 am with your rotary cutter in hand! I am not using her rulers either. I will be paper piecing mine.