Friday, December 28, 2012

Looking for 2 Fabrics

Do you ever find a fabric or two that you just love and want to use it but you don't want it to run out?
Well, when I started this "Easy Street" journey I found these 2 fabrics on Etsy or somewhere and have cut into them and used them in every step of the mystery but now I'm noticing I don't have much left of either and my search online has not produced any  :(   
I want to do Bonnie's "Orca Bay" sometime in 2013 and want to use these in that too....
Anyone out there in blogland have any of either they'd like to sell or swap
I have a stash that is huge AKA Obscene  :)

The top is chickens with black dots and all I know is it's by Fabrictraditions.  The ottom one is little bistro tables and I think the designer is Jackii Jones.  The line was called "Paris...Now" I think but I'm not finding anything.....



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floribunda said...

I can tell you that Paris...Now was made by Marcus Bros., but I don't have either fabric and didn't see them on my go-to search sites. Can't wait to see your finished mystery!