Friday, December 27, 2013

Jamestown Landing

My "Jamestown Landing" quilt has returned from it's travels and it came back to me more beautiful than I could ever hope for.

This project was a Bonnie Hunter quilt that I'd found in an Australian Magazine at least 3 years ago, if not longer.  I know I started working on it at a November retreat I went to in Indiana 3 years ago so it's been around a long time!

I worked on the hundreds of parts over time, stopping and starting in between other quilts.  I finally decided back in either January or February that I was getting it done come hell or high water.  While assembling the top I'd text and email my BFF's Robin and Michelle pictures of my progress and I'd get a message back stating this part or that part was not where it belonged.  I'd double and triple check my layout with the magazine and see I was doing it right.  FRUSTRATION definitely set in!
FINALLY in about April or May I bought Bonnie Hunter's book and found the magazine had the layout wrong......  rip, rip, rip....

In the end, I got the top assembled and shipped off to Michelle for quilting.  I don't remember if it was late October or early November, figuring I'd have it back around now.  I always tell Michelle "no rush".  She's had some life moments going on so I didn't want to pressure her, especially since the quilt wasn't for anyone in particular.

"Jamestown" was mailed back to me on 12/9 with an expected 12/16  arrival date in NJ.  Michelle and I tracked it from the 16th on and although some would say "that wasn't that long a time", when you are the recipient and shipper and the tracking stops back on 12/10 and you're talking to rude people at both end in the PO, you get frustrated.

So, long story came home yesterday, and I'm thinking that if quilts could talk I wonder what this one would have to say?

I think it's gorgeous and Michelle's quilting is exquisite.....

I'll be making the binding and tacking it down as one of my January 2014 Big 3 list items for sure......



JoAnne said...

It looks totally gorgeous! I can't imagine where it was languishing all of this time, but I'm so glad it wasn't lost! I have had my share of frustrations with the Post Office this year. Back at the beginning of August, they just decided to return all of our mail to the senders!!! I really had no idea what the level of trust was with the post office until we lost that trust. Anyway, congratulations on such a great finish! You are inspiring me, as I have that project on my "to do" list.

Farm Quilter said...

Beautiful job, Peggy!! How about some close up shots of the quilting you are raving about...I can't get the picture large enough to see it! Thanks for posting about this on Bonnie's blog :)