Monday, April 21, 2014

Exciting Week

     To say that the last few days has been exciting is an understatement.

     I started the week off last Sunday with a trip into New York City to see "Aladdin".  My son buys us tickets for Christmas every year because he knows how much we love seeing the shows and it's easier for him to buy what we like and not just random "things".  Hubby and I get to spend the day with the girls and have a really nice time.

     The wax museum is right next door to the New Amsterdam Theatre and look at who was outside waiting for my girls for a photo op.....Mr. Johnny Depp himself  LOL   ONLY their favorite actor ever!

"Aladdin" was great and you can see from the picture, the weather was in the 70's so no jackets required.  A great day all in all.

     Friday afternoon hubby, youngest daughter, and I left to drive to oldest daughter's house for the Billy Joel concert at Madison Square Garden.  I wasn't supposed to go because my son in law was the holder of ticket # 4 but I got some cockamamie story that he had a meeting or something and couldn't go and so as not to waste the ticket, I drove the 90 minutes up and figured I'd go.  I'd get a free dinner and show so what de heck.  Well, I got there and my son in law was there....WHAT?  I drove all this way and now what do we do?  Well, this is what the surprise was...
YES....I'm going to be a grandma!   The expected date is November 20th....just in time for Thanksgiving and Christmas!     Jennifer and Tim will celebrate their first wedding anniversary this coming Sunday so their timing was good for baby #1.

     So, I went to the concert after we all went out to dinner and sadly my son in law just went home and walked the dog....which he was happy to do :)

This was my second Billy Joel concert this year and I have to say, he did not disappoint either time.  He is a master entertainer!

     Saturday was spent cleaning out the garage and then Sunday was Easter and that was spent withfamily just enjoying one another and eating some pretty good food....if I might say so myself!
I received the CUTEST flower arrangement from my niece Shannon and her boyfriend Pat.  Shannon too never disappoints on holidays.  I always get unique and very cute flowers.

     I've seen these bouquets where the peeps and jelly beans are in around the flowers but never had one of my own.

     Sorry for the view around them  LOL  Mr. Sangria and the dishes were there already :)

     Today I slept in a little and then decided I'd do a little sewing.  Each month for the last 2 or 3 months Sherri McConnell has offered a mini project that can use either those little 2-1/2 inch squares or as I used, scraps.
I have a red bench on my front porch that was in need of a new pillow so I used all red white and blues....

Once it gets warmer I'll put some flowers out there with the wooden flag that hangs on the house but until I'm sure we won't have a frost and snow, I'll wait a little bit before I add too much more.


JoAnne said...

I'm so excited for you about the Grandma news!!! That is so awesome. I love the red bench, too, but maybe you guessed I would? Ha ha. All in all it was an awesome week for you.

Conni said...

Oh, Peggy! Congrats on the new grandbaby!!

The Other Barb said...

What an awesome surprise! Congrats on the expected grandbaby! So happy for you. Sounds like a great week with concerts, shows & announcements.
p.s. What a cute pillow!