Wednesday, April 2, 2014

"Summer Star"

     Just a quick "mid week catch up" for you today.

     Back a few weeks ago I received my copy of Sherri McConnell's book "Fresh Family Traditions"
and immediately put one of the projects in her book at the top of my "to do" pile.  The quilt is called "Summer Star".  Now, I normally sit and peek thru my new books when they come but this one called for actual sit down and read status!  Seriously....nice stories about Sherri's quilty influence!

     I took out a bin of 5 inch squares that I'd been saving since I did a 5 inch square swap last year with a friend's guild and got to drawing lines and matching up with some kona snow.  I wanted a nice variety and lemme tell you, I got it from those squares!

     The star is 32 inches square so it needs a lot of prep work.....  I was running squares thru the machine for a good long time!

Then came the fun part......laying out the star on the design wall and sewing it up!

     I did decide that I want to make this one into a full size quilt so I'm going to be making at least 9 if not 12 of these blocks over the next week or so and getting it out to be quilted!!!!  (can you tell I'm excited and LOVE star quilts?)

      If you like this block and think you'd like to make one of your own, just hop on over to Sherri's blog and order your copy of her won't be sorry.

     Off to Hobby Lobby to get more Kona Snow so I can make more of these blocks!!!

      Happy Hump Day!



The Other Barb said...

I sure can hear the excitement in your post. And rightfully so.. what a great block! Happy sewing~

JoAnne said...

That is wonderful! I love variety. We have a scrap quilt instructor up in Richmond, Augusta Cole, and she always says, "Variety is the spice of life" (only you have to say it in an exaggerated southern drawl.)