Monday, April 28, 2014

Ribbon Box Quilt

     About 6 weeks ago or so I saw fabric made up into a quilt that just grabbed me.  It was so pretty and with the spring coming I knew I had to have some of the fabric.  I asked Kristin at Goobadesigns on Etsy if she'd make me up a bundle and mentioned liking the ribbon quilt.  She told me that the quilt pattern was free on and she'd send me what I needed to make the quilt top.
I think the whole transaction from start to finish was about 20 minutes  :) and I received it in 2 about quick service!

     Aren't these fabrics beautiful?

     I put them away in a bin and earmarked them for May to take with me to retreat and assemble.

Well, I pulled the kit out to cut and mark the parts yesterday afternoon and thought  I'd just look it over and see how hard it was to do.............

I'm thinking it was a fairly easy quilt to make!!!

The quilt is called "Ribbon Box Quilt", the fabrics are called Grey Abbey by Cloud 9 and it measures 55 X 63.

I'll be getting some backing fabric tomorrow and shipping it to my quilter on Wednesday!!

It's been earmarked as a retirement gift for a dear friend for June......


Conni said...

What a fun quilt!

JoAnne said...

This is a really pretty quilt!

Sarah said...

Ooh, I really like your finished quilt! The pattern really appeals to me. I'm off to find it!