Monday, May 5, 2014

Postage Stamp Quilt

     Back on April 16th I showed you my postage stamp quilt that I'd just gotten back from Sarah and was excited to finish it.  I got the binding on it right away and then it sat....I know, sad isn't it?  Well, I decided on Friday night that there would be no embroidery.....nope, that quilt was getting bound and ready for giving.

     Now, you might ask, did I have a recipient for it?  NO....but one never knows when one might need a quick baby quilt and I like to be prepared like the good Girl Scout I used to be.

I LOVE to use black and white for the bindings on scrappy quilts.  I don't know why, but it always seems to brighten it up and add the finishing touches to it.

Here's a picture of the back.  I bought a bolt of that black & bright dot in Lancaster last spring and I think I've finally used it up with this finish.  

There were so many fun prints in this top.....I think I need to make more just like it!

And since spring has finally come to New Jersey, here's a picture I took of Luna while we were out walking after lunch today.  She would make a great fire dog.....she loves to stop, drop and roll.....and sometimes she just doesn't want to get up off the neighbor's lawn so I have to just stand and wait and then all of a sudden she pops up and off we go.  I'm loving these kinds of days where we can get out and go walking  and I don't need a jacket!

6 days till I leave for my annual trek to Indiana to meet up with about a dozen girls from all over the US for our annual quilt retreat.  I can't wait.......



Conni said...

I love to use striped fabric for binding. Cute postage stamp quilt.

Carolyn said...

The striped binding looks great on the colorful quilt. I am a lover of postage stamp quilts. Luna looks like she loves her walks. I can't get Maggie to go past the property line, haha.