Saturday, October 11, 2014


     I wish I could have seen my face when my husband brought me a USPS box from Carrie at Miss Rosie's Quilt Co.  In truth, I'd seen a shipping notice the other day that made me curious but with so much work going on in the house, I'd totally put it out of my mind.  Then THE box came.
How sweet was Carrie to send me this box of goodies?  A fat eighth bundle of Miss Kate, yardage for the backing, pins, mini charms, a seam ripper and awl!!!  I've wanted Miss Kate for a while but since I'd never done anything with my last bundle of April Showers, I put off buying some.

I immediately broke into the bundle and took the reds and blues down to the washing machine and started drooling over the others while the others washed.

I grabbed my binder of individual Schnibbles patterns and the pulled out my 2 Schnibbles books and got to pouring over patterns to decide what I'll use the bundle with  :)

These 4 patterns are the front runners..........

     I like each pattern for a different reason.  McGuffey reminds me of a Bento Box, Open Season has my geese, Plan C is stars and then we have Lincoln.  Of course Lincoln is done up in Bonnie & Camille's fabrics in Carrie's book so it caught my eye immediately.    I'm also a huge presidential fan so when I saw Lincoln...well, it just grabbed me.

     In the end, Lincoln won out.  I'm planning on starting the cutting process tonight!

     I'm in awe of Carrie's generosity and friendship!!!!  Thank you Carrie!

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