Thursday, October 30, 2014

"Women of the Bible"

     There is a free block of the month called "Women of the Bible" which actually comes out twice a month with 2 blocks each time about a significant woman mentioned in the bible.   It is distributed via the Newsletter from "Little Quilts" of Marietta, GA.

     It started 2 weeks ago so I have 4 blocks to reveal....

                      Lets start with Eve.

Then we have Rachel


and now the last one is Noah's Wife.  She was never named in the Bible so she's just mentioned as Noah's Wife.

This picture is all 4 together......

The pattern will work with a variety of fabrics or you can choose to use 1 line.  I raided my Fig Tree stash and decided to use lots of their neutrals, med/light greens, reds and blues.  I'm going to do some with a neutral background or even use a print back and throw the neutral in the middle.  

The quilt, with 3 borders will finish at 110 X 125 which will be perfect for my king size bed.  I am positive I will be able to make the top totally from the fabrics I've collected over the last few years but if I can't, there's LOTS out there just waiting for me to buy.

All you have to do now is sign up for the Little Quilts newsletter and watch every 2 weeks at the bottom of the newsletter for the patterns and a short blurb about each woman.

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