Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Whit & Harvey

     I did blog last week about "Whit" which is a Schnibbles pattern by Miss Rosie's quilt co so I won't go into the whole project again but since today is the "Another Year of Schnibbles" parade, I thought I'd just post a picture of my "Whit" finished and show you the next project.

     This pattern came with a couple of different layouts but since I'd done a few pinwheel projects recently I decided to go with the rows of geese, and I'm thrilled that I did since it really looks awesome as far as I'm concerned!

     The new project for the AYOS is called "Harvey".
Our hostesses Sherri and Sinta gave us a heads up for October as to which project was next because this quilt is a bit larger than what we have been doing lately.
"Harvey" is a large, 72 x 72 quilt.
Miss Rosie made her quilt using an assortment of white background prints and a black chambray from Lecien.  

I had this black/grey swirl fabric called "Essentials" by Wilmington Prints which has a nice heavy feel and then I scoured through my HUGE collection of low volume prints to get the basket made.....

I have a busy October coming up with a baby shower for my daughter and my son moving out of our house, so I decided to get a jump on mine yesterday.

I have all of my black parts cut and ready for assembly along with the 36 print/print and 64 print/black HST's.


I am also one of those quilters that make my half square triangles larger than needed and trim them to size afterward.  I find that works for me.

Here is a picture of the little pile of trimmings....
They'res not a lot and well worth it to get a nice exact block size.

I'll be back hopefully by the end of the week with a finished picture of the top so I can get it out to the quilter over the weekend.


JoAnne said...

Looking good! I'm not doing Harvey as I'll be busy at the house painting and moving in. I always make my HSTs and Flying Geese oversized and then trim them. It's a bit more work, but really worth it in the end.

Conni said...

You are keeping your sewing machine humming!! I have finished several UFO's this past month, and feel on a roll!

Judy said...

Love your Whit and that extra bit of red gives it a little bit of pop! I've also started Harvey and like you make my HST bigger and trim to size!

Dee said...

You are on the ball! Even though they announced Harvey in advance, I have yet to start mine. I love that you only put 2 red flying geese in your Whit quilt. Quite a contrast and it looks great!

Jackie at Adirondack Urban said...

I really like your version of Whit! The two red geese are great!