Thursday, October 9, 2014

"Round & Round"

     Back in November 2013 I started a "Round & Round" quilt which was one of the trends at the time.  I think when Bonnie & Camille put out new patterns there is always one that sticks out and has everyone talking.  "Round & Round" was it at the time.

You can see my post of my fabric and pattern there.

     It's not that I didn't like Bonnie's fabrics but I was determined to do another red and white quilt and had so much yardage of a red on white pin dot that I NEEDED to use and some great reds so a red and white Round & Round it is!

     I'd sent it to a quilter who I'd worked with before without asking if she did Baptist Fans so when she suggested another quilter for the job she sent it to her.  I got it back a little after New Year's and then it sat and sat and sat.  About a week ago I just put the binding on and got it tacked down.
I washed and dried it this morning and it came out with the "perfect crinkly" feel.

     Here's a few pictures of the finished top......

I now officially have no hand binding to do at night while I watch TV so before I do too much more today I need to get the binding on the last 2 quilts I received back recently from my girl Sarah.

OH....and did you see this?  

This will be my 3rd mystery with Bonnie Hunter!  I know she's done a few more but I'd never jumped on the bandwagon until 2012.  I'm excited that she put the mystery colors up on her blog this morning before she left for her trip to San Diego.  I may need a little yellow but the remainder of the fabrics will come from my extra large stash bins!!!!


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Sarah said...

I love the round and round pattern. I have the fabric picked, but have yet to begin. I think every time Camille releases a new set of patterns their is one that becomes a fad straight away. I totally understand it. They are great patterns! Yours looks great in just red and white, even Christmassy.