Thursday, October 23, 2014


I wrote about receiving this bundle of "Miss Kate" and the backing yardage back about 2 weeks ago.  This was an unexpected gift and I couldn't wait to cut into it.  I threw all the fabric in the wash immediately and started planning where to go with it.  I KNEW I'd use a Schnibbles pattern...that was a given since Carrie Nelson herself had gifted me the fabric.  I went with "Lincoln" and all I changed up was adding 1 extra row to make it a little longer.  Anyone that knows me knows I'm not a fan of square quilts  :)                                  By the time the weekend was over I had all the star blocks made.  Over the next week I made all the rail fence units and got the center of the quilt finished.
And then it sat............  Moving day came and went, baby shower day came and went, then I had to clean....seriously, I need a cleaning lady :)
BUT, yesterday I decided it was time to get it off the design wall and ready for the quilting.
I cut all the piano key borders and attached them to the white skinny borders.....

And, voile  by 8:00 last night I had the quilt finished and the backing made.  
I'll be taking this beauty out to post office today for it's trip to NY.

I'll post a better picture when it comes back from the quilter and when the sun comes out...if it ever comes back out.



Cathy said...

It is gorgeous! I love the fabrics and the pattern. Perfect pairing.

antique quilter said...

another beauty! perfect pattern to showcase this beautiful fabric

The Other Barb said...

love it. I like star quilts~

Kris said...

Hi Peg! Love the quilt! As well as all of your other finishes in the previous posts! I have been at the sewing machine for days. Ever since I moved my sewing room in fact! Having fun! Hubby is fishing today, and guess what I will be doing? Yep...sewing!
xo Kris

Sarah said...

I've always loved this pattern and of course it's even better in Miss Kate. I need a cleaning lady too! Four days work as a teacher, three young kids and a husband with all our activities, there's not time to clean!