Sunday, February 23, 2014


  For my husband's birthday I bought him tickets to see "Beautiful" on Broadway.  I find as we get older that we like to go out and do things to celebrate the day instead of your traditional sweater, book, CD etc.  Al has always loved the theatre so when I saw "Beautiful" was the story of Carole King's early days, and him being a big fan of hers since forever, I bought the tickets.
We tend to go in early, have lunch, walk around and then see the show.  We like to be out of NY before the partying and busier time starts and yesterday was no exception.

     When we got to NY the sun was out and it was about 45- 50 degrees and the masses were enjoying the day! 

     We had lunch down in Time's Square at a place called " The Brooklyn Diner".  First look inside, it appeared to just be a little coffee shop but after being seated and looking around, it was a true old diner that was probably there back in the day and the rest of the buildings went up around it.  The food was delicious !!!

     After eating we had some time to wander so we went up by Radio City Music Hall and found "Magnolia Bakery" .  We watched people going in and out and everyone coming out with small shopping bags with baked goods so thinking cupcakes for the family for later on sounded like a good idea so in we went.    The girls inside were quick to help me load up, pay for my goodies and then out we went...

     Yes, I carried them around while we did some sightseeing and enjoying the weather and then off we went to see our show.

    I LOVE the old buildings near and around the theaters and could spend all day looking at them....and wishing I could get inside some of the brownstones and peek around.  I'm sure they're gorgeous!

     "Beautiful" did NOT disappoint.  To sit back and listen to all of the music that Carole King created for others was surprising to say the least.  She wrote music for so many singers and groups that were number one hits way before she herself became popular!!!  To hear about the struggles as a newlywed at 17 and pregnant, her husband's mental illness and just all the issues with life gives a whole new perspective on her past.

     I spoke to a former co-worker last night who was also in the city seeing "Rocky", and she was asking how I liked the show....and would I see it again?   The answer is ABSOLUTELY!  I'm actually going to meet up with her later in the week for lunch and we may just discuss doing just that!!!  
     We have tickets for April that our son gave us for Christmas to see "Aladdin".  I'm anxious to see how that is.......   Do you have a favorite Broadway show?   I have a few and for different reasons....but that's a post for another day.

     Hope you New Jersey people are enjoying our 55 degree sunny day out there!!!


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Cardygirl said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful day out.