Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Yes, "UGH"......  I thought I'd be "cooperative and nice".  I'd attempt to help get the comments on my blog fixed from No Reply.  I was getting comments...I really was.  A couple of bloggers kept telling me I was no reply.   Well, thanks to trying to fix it, i'm not getting any comments now!!!!
It's not that I get a lot for heaven's sake but i was getting SOME!

So, I've attempted to go back to the original settings.....  I've done some "test" comments to myself, and they're coming across..... If you're reading this, will you please just send a message?

NOW, I hope this helps with when I leave a comment........will you be able to reach me now?


From now on I will not be running things my way!
(cue Frank Sinatra here LOL)


kathy-o said...

you're funny.....the Frank Sinatra, thing....not the lack of replies!

moosecraft said...

Yippee! This is back to the original comment format! :-) Stay safe in the snow storm... get your stitching ready!

Terry said...

Blogging shouldn't be so complicated! LOL

barbara woods said...