Friday, July 11, 2014

I'm Still Here

       Yes, I'm still here.  Lack  of blogging does not mean I've been idle....on the contrary.  I've been quite busy doing a variety of sewing.

        Where to start....

        So, I announced back in April that I'll be a grandma this November, sometime around the 20th, so once I was sure the baby was growing good and mama was doing ok, I started planning a few not surprise baby quilts.  I had fabric I NEEDED to use for this particular daughter so whether it was a boy or girl, it was getting a quilt made from these....

Jennifer LOVES the beach, boats, water....anything that gets her out in it and enjoying the water.  I'd picked this pile up in 2 different quilt shops in Indiana back in May.

The first quilt is just a Sawtooth Star quilt so I could showcase the fabrics and when the baby is big enough, can point out the mermaids, boats, lobsters, seals etc....  I did add from my stash as well.  The second quilt is just a pinwheel quilt made from leftover HST's that I'd had from a tote bag I made for a friend's sister in law.
I like this quilt too and I think the baby will love it!   I backed this one with a big circle print from the Dr. Seuss line from last year and the sawtooth quilt has the Dr. Seuss blue dot/egg in a darker blue minkee....soooo soft for the baby to roll around on.  


OH, and I was invited to attend the doctor's appointment where they found out what they're having.  They're thrilled it's a girl but moreso that it's healthy and growing right on track!

I had Jen pick her colorway for the nursery so I can surprise her with a special quilt for the baby and I showed her a burp cloth my friend Sarah made and sent to me to use as a sample, so I have been busy in my room plotting, planning, and executing burp cloths and piles of baby fabric for the upcoming quilt!

So, there you have it....that is why I've been so busy....



The Other Barb said...

Isn't it fun to make quilts for our grandbabies! Love the ones you have done already.

ipatchandquilt said...

What a fun time, plotting and sewing for the baby!
Lovely and adorbale quilt too,

Anikó said...

that's a delightful way to be busy! both quilts are beautiful!
found you via Michelle's link part :) greetings from finland!

Sarah said...

You're going to LOVE this Grandma thing , especially with a girl to sew pretty things for.