Monday, July 14, 2014

"Make A List Monday"

     Are you a list maker?  I used to pick on a friend who would make a list for the week of things she needed to accomplish each day and say "do you really need to write down that you need to dust the living room on Tuesday?", but I think as I get older I do need a little list when it comes to things I want/need to accomplish in the sewing room and it needs to be a little more detailed than I ever thought I would need....   For Example, a friend from my job (before I retired) is getting married next June and I want to make her a quilt so I recently decided on a pattern and colorway.

The pattern is called "Vintage" and it's in Camille Roskelley's "Simply Retro" book.  I picked Kona cream with black & cream fabrics for the blocks.  I figured that the colors would be nice for a young couple and will go with everything in their home.  
But...getting back to the list, I put everything in a drawer in my room thinking that I could put it on my January 2015 "to do" list and then forgot about it.  I ended up making a list this weekend of 2015 items and even wrote "where" I have them so I don't forget :)    NO, I don't have old-timers but I do have a lot going on in my life and sometimes I forget.....
So, I've decided that I am going to try and do a "Make a List Monday" of projects and things I need to get done and see if that helps with focusing.

1) Find a pattern for a special baby quilt for Jen (my daughter), pull fabrics to match her nursery and get working on it.
2) Make 6 scrappy trip around the world blocks and start assembling that quilt (I need my design wall cleaned off )
3) Find my pattern for my Overnighter Ellie Travel Case bag, put with fabrics and get all the needed accessories to assemble it

I'm not going to go crazy and make the list too big since I do have things that need to get done around the house and places to go so I'll start off small and work my way up  :)

OH, and did you see on Instagram this past week there was a #quiltsonchairs going on thru Me and My Sisters Designs?   OMG, some of the displayed quilts were just awesome.  This is my contribution.  I took all my finished quilts and folded them up nice and put them on my kitchen desk chair......  Just a little piece of my own "awesome".


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