Friday, July 11, 2014

Yeah Yeah...

       Yeah, Yeah, no blogging for a while and here are two on the same day.

        So, I got the  baby quilts from my previous post back from my quilter Sarah.  That girl has the BEST turnaround time ever.   My other quilter Michelle was a quick quilter also and I was sad when I got her note saying that with moving and her commitments to the new AF Base would keep her away from her machine, and I had to find a new person, I went into a tailspin but about 6 weeks later I joined a BEE with some online girls and the first Queen Bee was Sarah.....  Things do happen for a reason don't they?   Anyhow, Sarah received the tops and I got them back in less than 7 days!  (If you ever need a quilter, I'd HIGHLY recommend Sarah....just inbox me).

        So, I've been making my quilts and sending them out for quilting at a pretty decent pace......1 or 2 a week.  Some were old quilts that needed finishing, some were just wall hanging size and then we had some year long projects that I finished.....

This black and white stripe is for the pinwheel quilt

And last night while I watched TV I got 3 sides tacked down!!!!

This here is a Fig Tree tumbler that is from I think 4-5 years ago...or older!  EEK

The polka dot quilt is from May.  It's a Missouri Star tutorial called "Jelly Roll Race".  I made a scrappy polka dot binding for it.....Yeah, I made enough polka dot binding for half the nation LOL

This is the 4 quilts with bindings attached and ready for tacking down.  Anyone want to come and help?

And here is my counter....12 quilts bound and ready for giving away under the P, the middle pile is 4 more tops waiting for binding (see it rolled up on top?)  the red quilt is from last summer, binding on top too.........

And here on the chair is 3 quilts with bindings attached and just needing tacking down.

I need to get a Quilting Octopus to come help clear these piles up!!!!
Any takers??????

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Sarah said...

I learned how to machine bind when I got to this stage! Otherwise I had finished quilts just needing the bing hand stitched laying around. I don't have the time to hand stitch bindings anymore. Especially if I was as productive as you and churned out so many quilts!