Sunday, July 13, 2014

Scrappy Trip Around the World Blocks

     I want to say it was a year or 15 months ago that the Scrappy Trip Around the World blocks started showing up everywhere and I was right there to jump on the bandwagon.  But as with other trendy projects, I kind of lost steam and put the project away.  At the time I had these blocks made.

     Since then what I've been doing is as I work on a project with 2-1/2 inch squares, I set 6 leftovers aside, all lined up nice on a big piece of cardboard.  I figured that when the cardboard got full that I'd start to make more blocks.   Well, since then, the cardboard was moved from place to place until yesterday when I went to take it down off the shelf and this is what happened....

YUP, the whole hunk of cardboard slipped right out of my hands and everything went over......  and not only did this happen, the dog decided to walk thru the room and the piles really got mixed up.  So, I spent quite some time re-piling the fabric squares up and laid out 4 more blocks to sew up.
I have them laid out now and will sew and press them up later today.

I haven't decided how big I'm going to make this quilt yet.  I was thinking lap size and going with 6 across and 8 down but then I was thinking maybe a little larger.

I guess I'll wait and see which way the wind blows and see if I get bored with this and want to move onto something else.....

Stay tuned!



Kris said...

That's a lot of teeny tiny squares! It is going to be fabulous when done!
xo Kris

The Other Barb said...

It will be a beautiful piece whenever you decide to finish it :)