Sunday, July 27, 2014

Stars Around the Garden

     Every once in a while I go thru some old UFO bins wondering if there's something in them that I "need" to finish up.  I always come across the "Stars Around the Garden" BOM kits that I received from my friend Robin on a monthly basis.  She signed us both up for it and treated me.  What a gal!
Friday night I had one of those moments so I pulled it out and decided I needed to do something with it.

        The patterns are dated 2005 and there's a print off of the finished quilt in color in the bag with the kits and a few finished blocks.  When I saw the center was appliqué I had one of those "really?" moments.... I don't do appliqué!!!

         So, here's the's a 9 month BOM, with the kit having 2 blocks each for 7 months.  The 8th month was the center appliqué and the 9th month was the border appliqué bringing the finished quilt up to 87 X 102.  The fabrics used are from the beautiful Cinnamon Stars collection from Moda/Fig Tree Quilts!   WHAT?  I had no idea!  

        I started to open the kits and found I had 5 blocks done, and a few more kits cut out.......and then it dawned on me.  I remember what happened and why nothing else got done!  This was the project I was working on when my darn Bernina decided to stop working day 2 of retreat.  I spent the rest of the time there just cutting out projects and bagging them up, hence some kits all ready cut for assembly!  

        Here is the block I made this morning...........
And here are the 5 previously made with today's block.
This quilt is going to be so much prettier than the pictures show since the muted yellows and cinnamon colors get washed out with the camera.  
Once I get a few more done I'll take them outside on a nice day and take a picture......

So, this will be one of my "BIG 3" projects for the month of August.


Terry said...

I always thought that was such a pretty quilt! Have fun with it! :0)

The Other Barb said...

This will be so pretty! Keep at it.. and I don't do applique either but...I'm going to learn!

Kris said...

Very Pretty!!
XO Kris