Tuesday, July 22, 2014


          Purple at one time was my favorite color....but as I've gotten older I realize that it was really my 2nd favorite, after RED!    

          Back in April I had decided that 1 of my color bins of fabric needed a good clean out whether it be cutting it up and using it, selling it, or giving it away.   You may remember that I made these 16-1/2 inch blocks one afternoon.
I'd found a blog that picked a color of the month and they challenged girls to use up one particular color and that month it was purple.   Since I was "in the moment" I made these 4 blocks and promised myself I'd make more......well, that didn't happen.

          Last night I promised myself that this morning I'd work on some more blocks.

I pulled the purple bin out and set aside large pieces of fabric that I hate to cut up into small pieces because they could be used for a pieced backing or a border on a quilt.
This is 7 I have set aside for that.....(maybe)
Then I got to cutting. I cut 2-1/2 inch squares for the star centers, 5 inch squares for the hst's, and then  I threw a few in a little container for "leaders/enders".

  And, last but not least, I laid out in front of those piles,  some fabrics that are too nice to cut up, all are 1/2 yard pieces and I'm looking to sell them on Instagram.....  (if you see anything you like or want a better picture, just send me a message on IG paront1222).                                  Now it's time to start cutting into the kona white and make some stars.

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Prairie Patch Quilts said...

Very nice purple combinations on the star blocks. Good luck with keeping this purple thing going. ;0)