Friday, September 19, 2014

Harvest Pumpkin

 WOW...this kit is from 2009!

I have to preface this post by saying I am NOT a big fan of Halloween.  I dislike the trick or treating part so much that over the years I've been known to lock the doors, shut the lights out and not answer if some overzealous child rang the bell and on at least 2 occasions i've actually planned vacations around this holiday.
I do, however, like to decorate my tabletops and walls with pumpkin-like quilts.

I was talking to my friend Robin the other day and was asking her about an old Thimbleberries Club her and I belonged to and she reminded me that there were quite a few Halloween-like projects the one year so I went in search of them and came across this 24 inch square table topper and proceeded to cut it out and get it assembled this afternoon.  I'm amazed that in under 2 hours I had it cut out and done!!!  Now, the big question here is "WHY" did it take me 5 years to do it?  

     This particular project was 1 of 4 called "Celebrate the Seasons" and it came with a spring basket, summertime star and a candle/log cabin block for the winter.  The kits come with everything including the backs and bindings!!!

     I'm not sure I like the goldish/orange print that was sent for the one pumpkin strip since it's really glaring to me but it's finished and will look nice once I get it quilted.

     If there are any Thimbleberries fans out there and you think you'd like a project, let me know.....I have 3 of those 25 gallon Rubbermaid bins FILLED to the brim with them!
I'd be happy to help you out with a kit  :)

     Onto the quilting...........



~Kristie said...

So neat to be able to finish a project that quickly. Do you have a list of those Thimbleberries kits? I may 'need' a few... Lol

The Other Barb said...

This is cute! Nice to have a project done in a couple of hours. I look at the gold-ish strip in the pumpkin as the "sunlight reflecting off the pumpkin" :)