Saturday, September 20, 2014

Saturday Wrap Up

     I've been sick all week with flu like symptoms so there wasn't much going on in the old sewing room.

     I finished my SWOON quilt back in January or February and immediately had it quilted by my new friend and quilter Sarah in NY.  Well, that particular quilt came home with 3-4 others so it was at the bottom of the pile and it proceeded to be the quilt that all others were popped on top of.  I finally made it to the bottom of the pile and decided once and for all to get it bound and in the finished pile.

    I also did my 2 "Little Letters" from Temecula Quilt Co.  This week the letters were C & D, and I swear, with cutting and sewing, they took a whole 10 minutes tops!  I love how they are looking so I'm predicting a super cute quilt when I have all the letters!

   The only other thing I accomplished was taking this strip of apples that I did as a sew long with Lori Holt's blog back about 18-19 months ago, and added a border around them.  I was thinking I'd do the entire sew along except that I don't have a place in my house for this type of quilt so I will make the apples into a table runner for my daughter's coffee bar in her kitchen.

I'm not expecting to get much done today since we're taking our youngest daughter to Newark Airport for her London vacation.  She's got a fun itinerary of all the things she has to see and photograph.  She's going off by herself on this adventure which is BIG in my mind.  I would never do this alone....but then, I raised some independent children who know what they want and will do it alone if they have to~   Happy Travels Sarah!



Terry said...

Your little ABC blocks are so cute with that dotty background. And I LOVE your swoon quilt...congrats on getting it all done! :0)

The Other Barb said...

Sorry you have been under the weather~ Hope you are feeling better. I have been doing the ABC's too. They do sew up fast! These apples are adorable!