Sunday, September 28, 2014

Some X and Plus Blocks

As is normal, every morning while I am boiling my tea water and getting my breakfast ready, I turn on my computer and read a few of my favorite blogs.

I've been following along recently with Krista Stitched on her X & Plus quilt that she's doing with another blogger named Elizabeth.  I don't know either of these girls but they are doing the quilt as a "friendship" type thing and it got me to thinking that I wanted to make a quilt like theirs and cut strictly from my scrap basket.  God knows I could make quite a few quilts from the scrap bin!

This is a portion of Krista's quilt.  She's not done yet but isn't it something??????  I LOVE it!!!

I followed the link from her blog to the pattern and decided after dinner to get to making a sample block to see if I even wanted to do it.
This is my first block............I think I'm hooked!!!

I woke up this morning "thinking" about these blocks.  I wasn't even dressed when I came into my room and started putting pieces up on the design wall for 3 more.  Here's my first 4 side by side.

      I think I'll make 4 a week or 4 a month until I get a nice size top.  If there's anyone out there that wants to do a swap of some blocks drop me a line.....



Jan said...

I, too, have a ton of scraps. Your post is an inspiration for using some of them.

Linda at LRDesignsQuilting said...

They're awesome! I'm adding them to my quilts to make board!