Sunday, January 25, 2009

A Finish

January 2009 was the start of our "FINISH ER UP" Challenge and since one of the teacher's in school is due in less than a month or so I figured I better get a move on getting her quilt quilted.

In the past (and present) I've always sent my quilts to a wonderful quilter named Sandi. Sandi was or is a part of the challenge group and I have to tell you, she does some beautiful quilting. I didn't want to send a small baby quilt out to her because I kept telling myself that I have a GRACE FRAME up in the spare bedroom and I NEED to learn to use the darn thing since it's been up there exactly a year......SO....I took the quilt up, pinned her down, made some bobbins, threaded the machine and voile.....I have a quilted baby quilt that only took me an hour!!!

NOW, it's not perfect and the quilting design needs some work but I know that Kerry will LOVE and APPRECIATE it and not even see the flaws that I do.

I picked a moda marbelized red for the binding so since i'm on a roll or as I was told this morning I'm like a "runaway train"this weekend, I'm going to cut the binding and attach that so tonight while I watch TV I have some hand work to do....
Hmmmm....what will I work on next????


Barb said... have been busy and it is just sooooo cute. The person you made that for will love it!!! I have noticed that most people don't notice the mistakes...sometimes I can't even find a mistake after I finish a great job!!

Patchwork Penguin said...

What a neat baby quilt!!! What pattern is this?

Conni said...

The quilt is adorable, and the quilting is wonderful! Hooray for finally trying your Grace quilter!! Congrats on completing one of your UFO's! You just might catch up with Laura!! LOL!!!

Michelle said...

Peggy...that is awesome! I'm so proud and happy for you! :)

Pat said...

GOOD FOR YOU....for marching up there and mastering your Grace quilter. I love how it turned out.....and see nothing at all wrong with it. What a FUN quilt it is!

megha said... have been busy and it is just sooooo cute

quilting forum

Laura-IH said...

Woohoo! You are really in gear on the UFO Challenge! This is great! The baby is going to love it! : )

Anonymous said...