Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Weight Loss Challenge

Since I can't seem to get the camera to work right today I am posting an older picture of me. This is my "before" picture...and yes, I am in the orange top. EEK!!!
The other gals look much thinner than I do and you can tell can't you that the mid section is where I'm attempting to do the most work.
So, week 1 loss was 3 lbs. I did have a couple of days where I cheated, especially since hubby and I were on the road with Sarah this past weekend.
I promise that this week coming up will be as good, if not better!!!


Michelle said...

Okay...that so doesn't look like me! LOL My hair was so much longer then...and I had bangs! And FYI...my BUTT is where I need to lose it!

Good job with the 3lbs Peggy!! That's an awesome start!

Barb said...

I think that you are way to hard on yourself...all the gals in the picture looked great and around the same size....so give yourself a break...but if you need to lose weight to be healthy.....then go for it.

Conni said...

Peggy, you are beautiful just as you are!

Pat said...

I agree that the photo isn't so bad for any of you gals in it, but.....I do understand that as we "age", we need to get cracking on the weight thing because of overall health...myself included. GOOD job on 3 lbs. loss...right now I'd be happy with that for myself.

Laura-IH said...

Wow! Three pounds down! Way to go!