Thursday, January 8, 2009

Polka Dot Love and Box Blocks

I made a New Years resolution not to BUY unless it was backing or fabric to "finish" something.

So, before the ball dropped I placed an order for some Polka Dot love.....I finished up all my black and white polka dots and only had a teeny tiny piece of red and white left , make it worth my while paying postage I ordered some yellow and white and this delish lime green.... I have some Mary E fabrics that I'm wanting to use in a table runner and these dots will work so nice with them.....

And, here are some box blocks. Robin, Michelle and I picked this block probably a year ago never realizing how tedious and time consuming they are.
Another New Year's resolution was to finish my committment to the girls and get my last 2 sets of 3 done and off to them. My blocks are the 2 on the top and the 2 on the bottom are Michelle's.

Here's a picture of all of the blocks I've received so far. I have a feeling that this is going to be one awesome scrappy top once I have all of mine and they are set. I know Michelle is working on her last 2 and Robin wants to work on hers but she's up to her eyeballs in paint brushes, rollers and drop cloths trying to set up her new condo. We did do these at our own pace and there is absolutely no rush so you may not hear about these blocks for a while...quite possibly not until Liz calls for our next "Finish er up" challenge!
Also, today was Day 4 of Sharon's diet challenge and I must say, it's been easier than I thought. OH, don't get me wrong, I have been tempted by coffee cake and fresh brownies and of course my favorite bagels with Jif peanut butter, but I've resisted and feel good about the fact I have a little self control. I am hoping that next Monday will bring a lower # on the scale.


Anonymous said...

My favorite kind of quilt-making -- scrappy. It's terrific!

Laura-IH said...

Oh, Peggy! I loved that you knew you were going to make a resolution, so you broke it like crazy before the new year started! You're my kind of girl! LOL!

Those blocks are going to make a great scrappy quilt. I think I like scrappy quilts the best!

Michelle said...

woohoo Peggy! Those look awesome! I can't wait to put this one together either...very nice!

Conni said...

What a great scrap quilt! The design is perfect!

Robin said...

I'll get to sewin' those box blocks one of these days Peg! I promise! LOL