Friday, January 30, 2009

An Honest Tag

My friend, Conni, recently tagged me for the "Honest Scrap"! It is my duty to reveal 10 honest things about myself that I have never blogged about, as well as list 5 addictions. Then I'm to tag 5 of my blogging friends to do the same.


OK, lets start with the 10 things I've never blogged about:

1) I am petrified of snakes

2) I don't like loud music, tv or loud places

3) I don't drink alcohol

4) I start new projects before I finish old ones (ha ha I'm the only one in the world...)

5) I have lived with the same man, aka Al, aka Big Popi, aka my husband for 30 years

6) I weighed 89 pounds when I got married. I probably weigh twice that now....

7) I love sappy Hallmark movies

8) I love to read

9) Can't drive further than 2 hours before I need a nap...ask Robin, she'll tell you :)

10) I don't like to cook

5 Addictions:

1) Bagels ( I could survive on bagels with peanut butter or toasted with butter)

2) Hot Tetley Tea (NO...I do not drink flavored tea, only Tetley)

3) The internet/reading blogs/shopping

4) Cleaning my house

5) Grilled chicken sandwiches

OK, so I am tagging Robin for sure......and geesh, everyone else I wanted to tag has the darn tag on their blog already......So, Robin, you're it for now...

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