Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Baby Quilts

     Baby "J" as we call her will be here soon.  She is MORE than ready with clothes, diapers, formula, etc.   Oh yeah, and blankets!  She received knitted, crocheted, quilted and store bought blankets/quilts at the shower a few weeks ago so this baby is ready for winter and picture taking on them!

     I don't think I'd known a monthwhen I started making the first quilt.....   I bought all of these "water" themed fabrics at Quilts Plus in Indiana while I was there on retreat in May.

     Jen and Tim live for all things water related...boating, fishing, swimming etc.  I am sure this baby will get up close and personal with the Jersey Shore next summer whether she likes the water or not......

I made a lot of Sawtooth Stars and just put a simple border around it.  The backing is a Dr. Seuss blue on Blue dot minkee!!!

Next, I found a bunch of kiddie themed hst's in my kiddie bin so I took them out and just made a big ole scrappy quilt from them......

I took all the scrappy leftovers too and made a strippy border with a black and white striped binding.

Lastly, after the kids found out they were expecting a girl I talked to Jen about quilt # 3 and had her pick some fabrics from my stash to make a quilt for the room that would match.
The baby's room is a very pale lilac with this gorgeous dark wood crib and dresser.  

You can't even see that the walls are lilac in this picture.  The colors of the room are lilac, turquoise and grey.  She even has a cute little grey and white mobile on the crib!
They're not done setting up, hence the box in the corner but they are getting there....Baby "J" is due in the next week or two so they'll finish soon!

The house they live in is surrounded by literally million dollar homes.  They live in a small town at the Jersey Shore and love being within walking distance of the beach.  Their house is a small cape (hence the dormers upstairs) and is about 100 years old.  It's not their forever home, probably only their 2014/2015 home but it's ready for this new baby whenever she decides to make her entrance.....I can only hope it's soon!!!   I cannot wait to get my hands on her!

Grandma To Be Peggy


The Other Barb said...

I'm smiling because I've done the same thing with my grandson( now almost 6) & my 4 month old granddaughter. I Spy's, themed, & well..."just because" quilts for them. Isn't it fun! Looking forward to pictures of baby J soon.

Conni said...

Beautiful crib! Looks similar to the one my Dad made for my first granddaughter. And those grands can NEVER have too many quilts to snuggle and play with! Way to go, Grandma! Any day's the best!

Carolyn said...

I love all the quilts you made for baby J. The nautical one just makes me smile! That is one lucky baby who will always be wrapped in so much love.