Saturday, November 8, 2014

Welcome to my sewing room

     Welcome to New Jersey and my sewing room.

     I am set up in a compact 12 x 12 room that used to be my son's bedroom until about 4 years ago.
Before that, I sewed in a 9 x 11 small room off the living room on the first floor and frankly, I was really nervous about moving upstairs thinking that I'd be too far removed from the rest of the family but when your daughter's bedroom is across the hall and hubby visits once or twice a night, my fears were unfounded.  I'm happy for the room and the space I've been afforded....especially when I know people that set up and break down nightly on the dining room table!

This is the "Command Center".  I check email, Instagram, Facebook and my blog from here.
I also sew at this wonderful sewing machine table hubby bought for me when I moved in here.

This is the matching cutting area that's kind of messy right now but I know what's there and it will be cleaned up once I'm done with my sewing tonight.

My design wall with my favorite Ikea cart that I keep my work in progress projects.

Below is my mini wall and ironing area.........

And last but not least is the storage area for fabric.........

The bins on the left hold pre-made quilt kits....made mostly by me.  I keep my fabric in the closet on the shelves in color order and I also have a few kits that I've collected in there.

It may not be as neat as some girls I've seen but I KNOW where everything is and it works for me.


The Other Barb said...

I've enjoyed the tour of your sewing room. It's so cozy~ I too moved upstairs a few years ago when the bedrooms emptied out. I too hesitated because I didn't want to be "way up there" . Now it's so nice. I can leave everything right where it is & come back to it. Very thankful~

Kris said...

What a great creative space you have there! It is so wonderful to have your own space to sew, isn't it!
My good friend lives in Basking Ridge New Jersey.
; ) Kris

Christine said...

I love the happy yellow color. Did you make your ironing board top? That's one thing I really want to do when we move. I just have a regular ironing board now.