Monday, November 3, 2014

"Bonnie's Mystery"

Yes, I've written about the new Bonnie Hunter Mystery already since she posted the color combination but I felt the need to show the last 2 I did with her since I've had a few emails from some blog friends asking me how it works.

The day after Thanksgiving you will go directly to Bonnie's Blog.  Don't stop for coffee or a bagel, just head on over and get your cutting directions!!!

2012's Easy Street had 9 patch units that were grey with your "neutral".  Mine happened to be black on white.

She has you cut and sew and then tells you to assemble 1 unit.  

I was so scared I wouldn't like how it looked at the end but I trusted Bonnie's color choices and this quilt is what came of it.....   EVERYONE that saw it loved it!

So, that's "EASY STREET" and my 1st mystery even though Bonnie did them for a few years.....

And "Celtic Solstice".  For 2013 Bonnie chose the colors of Ireland in all it's beautiful glory!

You never think the colors are going to work as you're cutting them but look at this's gorgeous and everything works....IMHO!

Here's my final pull for the new mystery that starts in exactly 24 days.

Greens, pinky reds, turquoises, 1 constant yellow (3 pictured...can't decide which to use) and again, my neutral is black on white.  I'm sure you see a trend here but what the heck...I like it!!!

I think if you've never done one of these, jump in with both feet, take it slow and just enjoy the process.  Most steps take 1 day and then you can work on something else.....



Conni said...

Your fabric pull for the new mystery are great! I need to pull mine, but haven't decided whether I will be using the turquoise or another color.

The Other Barb said...

I love seeing your other mystery quilts. They are beautiful. Haven't pulled my colors yet for this one.I like your choices~

Robin said...

Omg is it the day after Thanksgiving YET??? Lol fabs look great girlie and thanks for the bonnie mystery show!