Thursday, November 20, 2014

Orca Bay

     Back in November 2011 Bonnie Hunter revealed Part 1 of her "Orca Bay" mystery quilt.  At the time I did not participate.  Frankly, I did not feel like I was up to the challenge of something of that magnitude.  I oohed and aahed when I saw my friend's versions and made a promise to myself that I would do the mystery in 2012 and I did.    BUT, I was constantly thinking about Orca Bay and how much I loved it.

       Well, I collected up some fabric back in May and cut what I would need to do Unit 1.
Unit 1 is Quarter Square Triangles.  In all, 224 hourglass units are needed...yes, 224!

If I've counted correctly, this basket has 448 halves that need to be pressed open and connected into the hourglass unit.

At this point, Bonnie has us set the hourglass units aside until other units are made.  Since I have all the fabric cut for the whole mystery, I went ahead and pulled out Unit 6 and this is what we are making.....

6-1/2 inch Ohio Star blocks with red centers!   
I haven't sewn it up yet but as is typical of me, I had to press at least a few units and lay them out to sew.  I LOVE Ohio Star blocks so I'm thrilled to be making these for this quilt.

I will most likely work on these stars this week then set the whole thing aside so I can start with Bonnie's new mystery on the 28th.


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