Saturday, December 27, 2014

Christmas 2014

     We've had a very busy second half of 2014 so I expected nothing less for Christmas week.
My whole family except for 1 sister is in Florida so it tends to be just her and I with our families for Christmas.  The Florida sisters and brothers kids are grown and scattered so we stay in NJ and celebrate and also now that Olivia made her presence known, there's no way I was going anywhere!!

       So, the big question is, what do you buy a 5 week old for Christmas?  Jennifer said nothing but I knew I had to get her something and then while talking to a friend who became a grandma last winter, she mentioned her kids like the beach and had a hard time lugging all their stuff with their twins so I had the idea that I'd get Olivia a wagon.  Well, let me tell you, the wagons of today are not like the wagons my kids were pulled around in!

Here's Grandpa on the floor putting the wheels on.
Look at the inside of this thing.... Seats that lay flat with cup holders, seat belts and also on the back is a canvas bag to hold a cooler or beach stuff.

The kicker is the canopy!  It came in a bag like you find the canvas chairs in.....

Olivia will be riding to the beach this summer in style I can tell you!

Here's Mom & Dad in front of our tree.

This is a shot of my family and this is a picture I received from my nephew in Florida of my mother with his 3 kids.

He said getting Great Gram to take a picture is like pulling teeth.....  I know exactly how she feels since I'm not one to like my picture taken either.

My family was very good to me this year.....I got my favorite Martha Stewart bathrobe, an LL Bean shirt, tickets to The Lion King on Broadway in April and a nice supply of quilting stuff....
A Calendar, mouse pad, quilt kit, Patchwork Party hoodie, a sewing room clock, a quilt book and a magnet board with magnets to hold my cross stitch items in place and to easily see where I am....

I also received this item.  It's like a little picture computer.  I need to sit with the instruction book and figure out how it works....after all, I'll need almost daily pictures of my little Olivia.....

All in all, a perfectly wonderful Christmas day.  It was exhausting and we cooked a ton of food (and ate it all LOL) but a great time was had by all!!!

Here's to New Years and hopefully a few resolutions I can keep.....


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The Other Barb said...

Looks like a nice Christmas~ Love the wagon!! Olivia will have fun in it. In our basement is my oldest daughter's Radio Flyer. A very rusty but it still rolls~