Friday, December 12, 2014

Warm Winter Blessings

 I have a nice variety of holiday wall hangings but I think this one is my favorite right now.
This is called Warm Winter Blessings and it's a mixture of wool and cotton.  I didn't have it finished in time to hang for Christmas last year but when I did get it back from being quilted and the binding attached, I immediately hung it up.
As you can see, this is a narrow hallway that leads from my front door to the kitchen.
Luna was watching me get up and down off the ladder to hang it and as is typical for her, she stayed right by my side until I finished.

 This is the best straight on shot I could get and even had to go in the powder room to do it :)

I love this wallhanging and I'm hoping after the remodeling we do in the spring that I have a place for it.  For now, it's hanging for everyone to see!!!

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Messy Karen said...

love the quilt and your moment with Luna.