Monday, December 1, 2014

Grand Illusion-Link Up Monday

     Yes, it's Monday after the big reveal of the "Grand Illusion Mystery" clue on Friday.

I had some distractions this year so my attempt at completing Step 1 were thwarted by this one

Aunt Sarah wrestled me from all the baby hoggers :)

Yes, our Olivia was here for Thanksgiving.......
Not only did we see her for that day, we saw her over the weekend so that Great Grandma could see more of her than just 1 day.  

But, back to the mystery.....  I did get the HST's cut and partly sewn.  I am using a yellow on yellow circle print for the constant, as Bonnie Hunter has suggested and even though I thought I'd stick to one black, as I searched for just one, I just couldn't decide because I love them all so I will be working with a variety of blacks.  

Here's my bundle

All my units ready for assembly

Here's the first 22...........

I'll be working on more of these tonight and tomorrow so I'm sure I'll be finished and ready for the new clue on Friday.

Unlike some of the girls I've seen posting on IG and blogs, I haven't played around with the blocks to try and figure out what Bonnie has's not necessary for me.  It is a mystery after all  :)



Irene said...

These look great! And congratulation on the bundle of love you got there! So precious!

JoAnne said...

I confess: I am a baby-hogger. How sweet she is. She doesn't even look new-born in the bottom picture where she is all in pink.

Kris said...

Well she is just perfect, isn't she! Beautiful baby girl!
Can't wait to see what you are making with your mystery quilt!
xo Kris

The Other Barb said...

Part 1 is looking good ! I started mine yesterday. Have 2 units made. lol I have my little "distraction"(Sadie)
today so I won't be sewing. Olivia is so precious!

Robin said...

what a cutie that Olivia is!!! hopefully she'll be a quilter too lol Great job on your Bonnie Mystery!!