Saturday, December 27, 2014


Do you Pinterest?   I used to check it often when I worked full time because I could look around on break time or after lunch but lately this retired lady hasn't had time for that  :)
Yesterday I received a "pin" from my daughter so I went and looked at it so nothing would do but to sit and look around.  Well, I found the best "scrap user upper" quilt.....I followed the link to the girl on Pinterest who linked to someone else, who linked it to Fat Quarterly and even gave the issue #....

So, I ordered the Issue.....which was #8, downloaded it, printed off the pattern and voile!  I'm hooked up!

I went thru a drawer in my room and found a ziplock bag with my 37 string blocks already made and ready for assembling into something..........

The pattern calls for 8 inchers and mine are 6-1/2, they call for sewing them on paper but mine are sewn onto cheap muslin that I got from Joanns or Rag Shop, so I'll just have to make more blocks to bring it up to a good size quilt but who cares...I LOVE making string blocks.  I think the thought of revisiting old fabric friends is fun for me.

So, this will be one of the projects I put on my 2015 list.

Do you make a list?  I always make a "To Do" list of projects I have to make and then another list of projects I'd like to work on.  


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